Design of rubber devulcanization systems

Design of rubber
devulcanization systems

ReUse S.r.l. is a leading company in the field of devulcanised rubber regeneration and eco-sustainable plant design, and international brands turn to it for the regeneration/recycling of their rubber compounds. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we are proud to present our core business and our commitment to sustainability and innovation.


Our Core Business:

The core of our business is the regeneration of devulcanised rubber. Our highly specialised team has developed an exclusive patent that allows us to produce/regenerate/recycle devulcanised rubber of the highest quality. Our automated 4.0 plant works at room temperature, polluting neither groundwater nor the atmosphere.


Plant Design:

We not only produce devulcanised rubber, but also offer customised plant design and construction services. In fact, we have a specific team within Reuse and headed by ReUse’s own administrator to design tailor-made plants for industrial rubber recovery that can produce flexible quantities to meet our customers’ needs, from small batches of 100 kg/h up to several tonnes/h.


Our design process includes:


First Phase

We carry out surveys and inspections:

before starting the design, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the site where the plant for the regeneration / recycling / recovery of rubber scraps/waste will be built (Natural rubber/NR, EDPM, SBR, Chloroprene, NBR, Butadiene, BR, technical rubber articles, tire/ELT recycling etc…).

This allows us to understand the specific needs and conditions of the location.


Second phase

Let’s draw up a rough plan:

based on the data collected during the inspection and the experiences of our team of expert technicians, we create a preliminary project that takes into account the expected volumes and the customer’s needs.


Third Phase

Cost analysis:

we verify the costs for the creation of the production line/system and its management. We also evaluate the production costs of the plant, ensuring that they are sustainable and competitive.


Fourth Phase

We build the system and test it.


Fifth Phase

We deliver the production plant to the customer accompanied by supporting documentation such as:

– Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance manual for the production system

– Descriptive manual of the units that make up the line

– Instructions for Use

– Safety instructions


Sixth Phase

We take care of the training of the customer’s staff for the management of the production plant.


Seventh Phase:

We provide continuous assistance in managing the system.



We are committed to protecting the environment. Our plant is designed to minimize environmental impact, maintaining the purity of the compound thanks to the production process developed by us.