Rubber Powder Production

The production of devulcanized rubber powder is an important process for the production of many rubber products. Our rubber powder is obtained through a manufacturing process that we made thanks to many years of experience in the sector, the shredding of raw or recycled / or regenerated rubber and is subsequently used as a base material for the production of rubber products such as example tyres, seals, carpets, toys and much more.The rubber powder manufacturing process starts with the selection of raw or recycled/reclaimed rubber. The rubber is then shredded by us into small pieces using special machinery. This process can be carried out according to the type of rubber and the specifications required for the final powder.Subsequently, the powder is cleaned to remove any impurities and is checked to verify that it has the right particle size. In this phase, the powder is also mixed with any additives such as stabilizers, dyes and antioxidants, to improve the properties of the final product.

Once the powder has been mixed and cleaned, it is pressed and passed through a series of rollers to be transformed into a uniform and compact material. Finally, the powder is packaged in bags of various weights based on the customer’s needs and then shipped.

In conclusion, the production of rubber powder is a complex process that requires attention and precision to obtain a high quality product. Rubber powder is a versatile material and is used in many industries, making it an essential building block for the production of rubber products.